Salted Caramel Apple Pie Rice Crispy Bars


It’s been a cold, windy day here in Ft. Wayne.  Winter time in the Midwest.  Sigh!  It’s not the most fun place to be this time of year.  πŸ˜• Unless you happen to like snow, which I don’t.  Although I must say this winter hasn’t been as snowy as last year.  I’m very grateful for that.  And we haven’t gotten the worst of it.  Places in the Northeast have had more than 5 feet of snow.  Five Feet Of SNOW!  That’s a heck of a lot of white stuff.  β„️⛄️ Even the South hasn’t been spared.  Snow, ice and freezing temperatures have been showing up in places they don’t normally.  It’s a great day in the winter when the sky is blue and the sun shining.  πŸŒž I just want to sit in a sunny place and bask up the warmth like a cat.  πŸˆ If I could persuade the kids to move to Florida, that’s where you’d find me. 🎡🎢 Somewhere over the rainbow…. 🎡🎢 

 When trying to decide what to post today (It’s not that I didn’t have any idea. Problem was I had too many.) as I was cooking up a pot of chili for dinner, I thought about rice crispy treats.  How could I make them different?  G loves apple so I knew she’d be a fan.  Without further ado….

Salted Caramel Apple Pie Rice Crispy Bars 

 4 Tbs. butter 

 10 – 10 1/2 oz. bag mini marshmallows

 6 cups crisp rice cereal

 1/8 tsp. apple pie spice

 2 pouches spiced apple cider drink mix* 

 6 caramels 

 1 Tbs. milk 

 pinch of salt 

 Spray a 9 x 13 baking pan with non stick cooking spray.  In a large Dutch oven melt the butter.  Add the mini marshmallows and stir until almost melted.  Sprinkle in the apple pie spice and the apple cider drink mix.  Continue stirring mixture until marshmallows are completely melted.  Pour in the cereal and stir until all the cereal is coated with the marshmallow mixture.  Turn the mixture out into the prepared pan.  Spray your hands with non stick cooking spray and press the cereal mixture firmly into the pan.  Set aside to cool.  Unwrap the caramels into a small bowl.  Add milk and microwave for 30 seconds.  Remove and stir.  If they’re not completely melted, microwave in 10 second intervals, stirring afterward until smooth.  Drizzle caramel on top of the treats.  When completely cooled, cut into 18-24 squares.  Munch, munch, munch! 

*You’ll find these by the boxed hot chocolate packets in the grocery store. 

 Wishing you love, laughter and cake,



About glendaclark

Hi there! My name is Glenda and I love food. Cooking and baking are my creative outlets. You'll find me in the kitchen laughing, singing, dancing and cooking or baking. I'm wife to my green eyed Irish guy, mother of four and grandmother of four. These are the chronicles of life as Glenda, the good witch of cake. Warning: may contain cartoon moments, butter and sugar.

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